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Mini Kiln Stilt Doll Caddies

for Miniature Doll Making

Doll Molds Catalog

Everyone loves KITS!

M-271 Bleuette Premier
M-651 9 1/2" MiPet

All-Bisque Travel Doll Series

will be announced very soon
This time we will introduce one in our response to numerous requests
from our doll friends
Check back often and see
what comes next!
We promise
it's again a cute one!

M-469 9 1/2" Beau

All-Bisque Travel Doll Series

M416 5" Jullien

Dress pattern & Free Article

Gorgeous Kit Set
with an antique French charm
for 4"-6" Mignonnette Dolls

Mi Doll Making
Home of
EZ Porcelain Prop

Fluffy prop & Blanket prop

Another bestest of the best from
Master Eye Beveler, USA

A Must to Have Tool for Mini Doll Making

M-270 Mlle. Bleuette & M-371 Bleuette 6/0


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