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About French Cotton Lace Catalog

The colors are mostly white, off white, ecru, cream but most have their own color sheen so they vary.
When it is called "Cream," it isn't quite cream and very light.
When the yardage shows (* + *), this means the roll includes more than one length and the yardage shown is the total.
We are selling these laces by the package. We will not cut them for sale for yardage.  This way we can share this hard to find items for a reasonable price.  Most of them arrive with no duplicate.  So we cannot take a request for duplicates of the same item.
These laces are imported directly from Europe.


French Cotton Lace Bundles French Maline Lace

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Fine quality French Cotton Lace
in economical bundle
Excellent choice for heirloom sewing
and doll dress making
Each bundle comes about 9 - 11 yards

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All sold out - will open again as soon as
we receive new lace

The highest quality cotton lace
made in France called Maline lace
Getting hard to find genuine Maline


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