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In 1975, Steve started making molds for the ceramic hobby industry.  
The molds were mainly for planters and utilitarian items. 
They were called Curio Molds.
It was his mother who gave Steve an inspiration for his turning point to doll world. 
One day she brought one China doll to him and asked him to make a mold from it. 
He did, of course, it is his mother.
Later she finished a doll from the mold Steve made and said
he could use her doll as a sample at ceramic shows.

He hesitated but agreed.."who would buy a mold for a doll?" 
He brought the doll his mother made to a show
but hesitated to show it off at his booth,
it did not take long however for the doll ladies to start wanting doll molds from him.
Mystic Molds was founded in 1989 after Steve sold Curio Molds.
Mystic started out making tiny doll molds and "mystical" items,
fairies and fairy tale characters.

Gwen Ross joined Steve around 1990 and they started Mystic Molds together. 
She was a very talented artist with a great love of dolls.
After starting with Mystic she started creating the wonderful dolls
she became famous for. 
She was a great sculptress with a fairy heart. 
Steve and Gwen worked ever so hard to introduce new molds 
for beautiful and unusual dolls and porcelain related items.

Gwen passed away after a long bout with cancer in 2002. 
Steve carried on, going to doll shows and still adding reproduction molds
from his collection of antique dolls.

In 2007, Steve got Fumiko Kato, a new business partner from Japan
and the ownership switched to her in 2009.

She is a well skilled china painter and porcelain doll making
is one of her favorite hobbies. 
She is also a member of Doll Artisan Guild since 2001
and has gained three Rosette Awards as a Professional
in French Reproduction Categories
, numerous Blue Ribbons,
Judge's Choice Awards and awards in other international competitions. 

Recently the company moved the business location to Sulphur Springs TX.

We strive to offer our customers a solely unique and
one of a kind type service and products.

We thank our customers from all over the world and
will promise to show our commitment to the porcelain doll makers and the hobby.


716 Jefferson St E
Sulphur Springs, TX


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