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Cabinet Case for Small All-Bisque Mignonnette Dolls

This kit needs really a short time to complete and still turns out very gorgeous with an antique atmosphere just for your small mignonnette doll from 4" - 5 1/2" tall.

We came across an antique miniature vitrine from France, which is originally a small glass cabinet to display a wedding ring and thought this might make a lovely project for our Jullien Jeune Mignonnette doll.

The display case was antiqued by applying four different sealer and paints so it gives a real antique look similar to the original brass case.

We hope you enjoy this little project for your precious Mignonnette doll!


This kit set includes:

  • Glass Cabinet
  • Cardboard (for screen and cabinet base)
  • Velvet fabric (for screen, cushion and cabinet base)
  • Brass findings (for screen and cushion)
  • Vintage millinery flowers for screen
  • Millinery velvet leaves for the millinery flowers
  • Ribbon (for screen)
  • Poly fiber batting for the cushion
  • Italian wrapping paper for back of the screen
  • Oval mirror (for the screen)
  • Dresden paper trim (for the mirror and cushion)
  • Patterns for screen and cushion
  • Instruction sheet

The baby doll attached on the screen is from M012 Chandler and the how-to is explained on the instruction sheet.  Actually you can use any kind of tiny doll on hand however we will offer a special deal to this kit set with the mold.

   The Kit Set only  $78.50  Add To Cart

   The Kit Set w/M012 Chandler mold $108.00  Add To Cart


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