Greenware Cleaning Tools

Master Eye Beveler
Mini Tool Kit

Indifinitely Discontinued due to manufacturing problems

Price: $24.50 /set

What do you usually use to bevel miniature / small doll eyes?
Are you tired of fighting with the nylon covering on a regular wood beveler?
We have found a really good solution.  These products will reduce your stress and displeasing results from the old fashioned methods.
Insert smoothly and easily into small doll head openings and you can use these for both wet and dry cleaning. 
These eye tools hold their smooth surface changing nylon material anymore.
No gap on the surface and no unnecessary stress, and you can fully concentrate on eye shape while cleaning. 

The  Mini Tool Kit includes 3 mini eye bevelers (4mm, 6mm, 8mm) and a tiny eye setter

All three eye bevelers in this set have a slim handle with grip that are made especially
for small head dolls, a big improvement over regular Master Eye Bevelers which have a much larger handle.
Perfectly round  "stone" heads eliminate the need to use inconvenient nylon coverings.

Surgical Scalpel


 Price: $2.50 /each Add To Cart

Surgical Sculpel

for greenware/soft fired greenware cleaning
-cutting and opening doll eye holes, cleaning seam lines, beveling doll body assembly holes.  This is the scalpel that we use and recommend.

Minimum gap between the blade and the handle helps to reduce a stress to damage greenware at the cleaning stage
Total lengh: 6"
Blade size: 7/8", 1/4" the largest width




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