Ear Piercer Tool for Small Dolls

from Master Eye Beveler
made in U.S.A.


Ear Piercer for Small Dolls $7.85  Add To Cart

This is another excellent and must have tool for your small doll making from Master Eye Beveler
The tip is extremely sharp and it makes an easy job to pierce doll ears and holes for doll body assembly
You can use this piercer both for greenware and soft-fired greenware
Press the tip of the drill lightly onto the surface and twist, you can expect precise holes every time without cracking


*Click Photos for larger view
Fine handle with grip helps
to concentrate on small

Sharp fine drill eliminates
cracks when working on the
surface of greenware

Keep the tip clean for
the best result
Too cool :) You see the grip on the handle?
Knurled handle area makes gripping
easy and comfortable!


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Mystic Doll Molds
Texas, U.S.A.