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Weather Closing

Due to the unusually harsh weather, we have decided to close the shop until it has passed.
We will take orders and answer emails from home until the shop may be reopened. We will remove this message as soon as we resume.
Customers who recently placed an order, please feel free to contact us when you have questions or a concern.
Thank you so much for your understanding.

Message regarding the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS

We just want to let all of our friends and customers know that we are still working, taking orders and shipping them out. 

There has been no illness reported in our area, and we are staying isolated in our home and shop.
We hope everyone will stay safe and stay healthy!!
We will update this information if anything changes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have specific needs or request regarding placing your order. We will try our best to make your shopping experience happy and satisfying!

New! L size Doll Caddy is here

We have been selling this size of stilts for years. Now available online!
Please check the size on item description page. This size takes care of most bisque parts for kiln firing


Mystic Molds wishes you a Happy New Year!!

Hope the year may be filled with a joy, good health and exciting new projects!

We want to thank you for your business and support you have given in 2015
The past year has been very busy with our move and with filling orders, and we had little time for new releases, however we are planning to put our first priority to release new molds, many are  close to completion and we are looking forward to sharing them with you!

Our goal for this year is to introduce new and different molds never before released.
We also hope you like our projects!
Hope to see you more often this year at Mystic Doll Molds and we look forward to serving you!!

NEW MOLDS and SALE ~ 1/11/2016!!

We just released 2 cute doll molds!  Please visit Mystic Molds website and check the special deal we are offering for a limited time.

momoette9  momosdolly2
(L) M422 Momo II “Momoette” head mold
(R) M132 Momo’s Dolly, 2 1/2″ all-bisque baby doll mold

Buy new molds at a 20% discount, also receive 20% off of your combined mold order!!
We are offering 20% discount on these new molds for a limited time (sale ends 1/11, 2016)
Set up your new year doll project with our new molds and get some more molds on your wish list with the same great deal!

We look forward to seeing you again!!

Hello everyone!

Just a short note to inform you we just added new items to our website and hope you like them 🙂

Bleuette School Apron Pattern and Fabric Kit
Please click the below pictures and check all  about the project!

bleu apron cover_s  bleuette apron group3s

We will release new doll mold and this dress will fit her perfect so please purchase one to get prepared!

Mini Kiln Stilt Doll Caddies
Next comes doll caddies for mini size dolls.
mini stilt4s mini stilt8

The stilts have ever so fine wires on the stable base.  This construction will surely make your mini doll firing easier with less stress.  Click pictures for more information.

See you again soon.  Hope everyone a great summer!!!


New Releaes and SALE!! ~ Nov. 18th

We hope everyone is having a wonderful fall season.
We are pleased to introduce you our new mold and a matching cabinet case kit set today.

A new mold Jullien Jeune Mignonnette mold, which we believe is the first time this has ever been available as a mold.  We also have a worksheet available as a free download on our Articles page.  The dress pattern will be also available for a small charge!

julliens2 jullien kit18 jullien kit7

We are now offering a special on the mold set and ends on November 18th.
Check out the special at “What’s New” page!

We are adding new items to our “Supplies” page so drop in and look for our latest additions.



A lovely way to display your little baby dolls :)

Today we added a small surprise to our supplies page

cedar cradle9 cedar cradle10  cedar cradle1 cedar cradle7
cedar cradle6 100_0089 100_0092 100_0093
We found a box full of little cradles we had stashed back and forgotten!!
They are made of cedar and you can use them as they are, or embellish them with little nicknacks and paper trims at hand.  I enjoyed making these two little cradles so much and could get them finished just in an hour or so by using a hair dryer to rush the finish.

These little cradles were made by a local craftsman using Texas cedar.  Good both for your dolls and their clothes -since the ceder repels insects!!

The supplies are limited to the few we have on hand.  Hope you enjoy your own project!!

New Mini Supplies Added

We just wanted to let you know that new supplies were added to “Assembly Supplies” page today!



These are extra mini size steel clamps that work so good for small doll assembly.
We have two choices; one with straight jaws and the other with curved jaws.

We use these all the time and found them to be indispensable for mini doll assembly.

New Supplies added

Today we added a few useful doll making supplies to Supplies Page.
These are all light weight when added to your mold order, will not increase the shipping charge!!
Please visit Supplies Page and add them to your shopping cart so you can save on postage!

scalpel2 eyewax1 elastic_s

Lace Page is being updated!!

Past few days I have been taking photos and posting new laces to the website lace page.

This lace normally goes fast so check it out for your new projects.

I will continue adding as I get time.

Also we have gotten some useful supplies for doll makers and ready to list.

Watch our supply page!!!!!