A lovely way to display your little baby dolls :)

Today we added a small surprise to our supplies page

cedar cradle9 cedar cradle10  cedar cradle1 cedar cradle7
cedar cradle6 100_0089 100_0092 100_0093
We found a box full of little cradles we had stashed back and forgotten!!
They are made of cedar and you can use them as they are, or embellish them with little nicknacks and paper trims at hand.  I enjoyed making these two little cradles so much and could get them finished just in an hour or so by using a hair dryer to rush the finish.

These little cradles were made by a local craftsman using Texas cedar.  Good both for your dolls and their clothes -since the ceder repels insects!!

The supplies are limited to the few we have on hand.  Hope you enjoy your own project!!