New Mini Supplies Added

We just wanted to let you know that new supplies were added to “Assembly Supplies” page today!



These are extra mini size steel clamps that work so good for small doll assembly.
We have two choices; one with straight jaws and the other with curved jaws.

We use these all the time and found them to be indispensable for mini doll assembly.

New Supplies added

Today we added a few useful doll making supplies to Supplies Page.
These are all light weight when added to your mold order, will not increase the shipping charge!!
Please visit Supplies Page and add them to your shopping cart so you can save on postage!

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Lace Page is being updated!!

Past few days I have been taking photos and posting new laces to the website lace page.

This lace normally goes fast so check it out for your new projects.

I will continue adding as I get time.

Also we have gotten some useful supplies for doll makers and ready to list.

Watch our supply page!!!!!

DAG Seminar Doll Expo 2014 Midwest City Oklahoma

We will be offering a one day Doll Artisan Guild seminar at the Doll Expo 2014 Convention in Midwest City, Oklahoma on September 26th.

We are trying hard to offer a fun and informative class and the chance to learn mold making on a great subject doll head.  You will be able to take the mold home to cast and finish your own reproduction!!  Experience the whole doll making process!!!

This will be a Basic Mold Making Class where you will learn to make a two-piece mold of an antique China Head from Mystic Molds personal collection that you can take home.  This is a fun and relaxed class with a plenty of time for discussion and questions.  All supplies to finish your mold will be provided.  Each student should bring an apron, two soft towels (cloth kitchen towels, or old cloth diapers are great), and a notepad and pen for notes and sketches.

The class file includes documents for the mold making, the doll body pattern and china painting instructions and the worksheet.  The arms/legs mold is available optionally for $45.00.  We will also have for sale a lovely dress pattern from the period with a plenty of cartridge pleats.

One DAG Schoole of Doll Making credit and a certificate will be awarded at the finish of the class.

Class fee: $125.00

Please check the update at our event page on Facebook:

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New Items

We hope everyone had lovely holidays and now ready to do your dolly projects.

We have started working on our updates and just added a few items to the Patterns page.


These patterns are specially drafted from antique doll bodies so they are authentic in every way.

There is a really nice sizing chart in each pattern to help you to determine the size of the body that will fit your doll head, arms and legs.  Each style of pattern comes with a bit of historical background, practical tips on sewing, choice of materials and resources.


M-328 Tara half doll as “Marie Antoinette”

tiny tara page ss

We just released gorgeous project patterns for our Tara half doll!
Please visit M-328 Tara Half Doll Page and check what’s new at Mystic Molds.