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Sticker album of our dolls

photos from the past updates...
Too popular just to delete so we will pin them on this corner

3" Dollhouse Size
All-Bisque Dolls

Hank and Booger
Porcelain head with cloth body

M-186 Gabrielle 5 1/2" (14.0cm)

M-143 5" Peter Rabbit (all-bisque)

6" All-Bisque Babies

Great Selection of Quality Porcelain Doll Molds

M-184 Kestner Buster & M-209 All Bisque Bye Lo
unfinished cedar cradle available

M-168 2" Pammy's Pals "Randy"

M-180 2" Gram and M-173 Baby Accessories
     presentation in an old silver pocket watch case

M-166 Dolly (left) and M-168 Randy
Pammy's Pals series (2" - 5.0cm)

M-268 Kittle the Kat 3"
all-bisque frozen type cat
with a long tail

Mystic Original
M-357 3" Bunny Kewpie

2 1/2" All-Bisque Fully Jointed Baby
Mary's Originals

M-662 Prissy
from Travel Doll series


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